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  China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering Corporation     Dalian LNG, Jiangsu LNG,Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Fushun Projects
  Sinopec Dushanzi Company     1 Million Ethylene Project
  Sinopec Sichuan Company     Sinopec Sichuan Refining Project
  CNNC     Nuclear Project
  CNPEC     Nuclear Project
  SEI     Sichuan Puguang Project
  Shell     Refining and Overhauling Projects
  Sinopec Jinling Company     Hydrogenating Device
  Sinopec Shanghai Company     Refining and Maintenance Projects
  SECCO Petrochemical     Overhauling Project
  Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Company     Refining and Overhauling Devices
  Sinopec Maoming Company     Overhauling Project
  China Tianchen Engineering Corporation     Pakistan Project, Shenhua Ningxia Coal Project
  Shanghai Electric Group     Nuclear Project
  Dongfang Electric     Nuclear Project
  Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute     Military and Aerospace Projects
  Wison Engineering Ltd.     Engineering Project
  Sinopec Guangxi Company     Qinzhou Refining Project/ 3.5 Million Hydrogenating and Refining Devices
  Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd.     Offshore Oil Production Platform Project
  China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd.     Vietnam Power Plant, Bengal Power Plant, Indonesia Project
  France Fives     Nuclear Project
  France CRAY     Nuclear Project
  CNI23     Nuclear Project
  Praxair     Engineering Project
  BASF-YPC     Enlarging Ethylene Device
  Air Products     Tangshan, Chengdu and Shanghai Caojing Projects
  Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company Limited     Engineering Project
  Nanjing Aerospace Chenguang Precision Instruments Co., Ltd.     Nuclear and Military Project
  Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd.     Engineering Project
  Yunnan Yunwei     Chemical Project Overhauling
  Wuhuan Technology Co., Ltd.     Chemical Engineering Projects
  SINOCHEM 6th Institute     Chemical Engineering Projects
  Jiaxing Jiacheng Kinetic Energy     Nuclear Equipment Project
  CNOOC Dongfang Chemical Co., Ltd.     Methanol Project
  Bayer     Shanghai Project
  Fluor Engineering     Nanjing Project and BASF Ethylene Project


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