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High-Intensity Fastener

Zhejiang High-Intensity Fastener Co., Ltd., originally known as Zhejiang Gaoqiangdu Fasteners Plant that was founded in 1987, integrates the R&D, production, testing and sale of professional high-strength fasteners. The company is the member unit of National Technical Committee of Fasteners, member unit of China State Technical Committee for Standardization of Pipe Fittings, CSCBPV Pressure Pipe Security Branch and member unit of National Branch Technical Committee of Marine Pipe for Standardization.


       "High-strength" brand fasteners and high-temperature pre-tensioned disc springs and other related related components are widely used in petroleum, chemical, marine, nuclear industry, large-scale machinery supporting, aerospace, military and other large-scale national projects.



Boasting powerful technical strength, complete equipment, superior quality and fine after-sales service, the company has been certified to ISO9001:2008, GJB/Z9001A and ISO14001:2004. It has obtained Manufacture License of Special Equipment and been rated as National High-tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Credit A Enterprise and Contract-honoring & Promise-keeping Enterprise. Gaoqiang brand has been rated as Zhejiang Famous Trademark.


Covering an area of over 90000 ㎡


The plant area exceeds 60000 ㎡


More than 400 testing equipment


More than 30 patents

With an area of 76,705 ㎡, a plant area of 36,000 ㎡, more than 400 sets of production and testing equipment, and quality raw materials from foreign or large-sized steel mills, the company can produce 1/2-6” M12-M160 high-strength bolts, nuts and screws in accordance with GB, ANSI, DIN, EN, RCCM-2007, JIS, ISO, SH, HG, JB, GD and GJB standards, as well as non-standard fasteners. The company also can develop high-strength nuclear fasteners, low-temperature and corrosion-resistant petroleum fasteners, high-strength anti-corrosive marine fasteners and aerospace fasteners, and gained the patent of Production Method of Special Fasteners” in 2010.


In the tenet of “Scientific Management, Famous Products”, it has been well received by customers for fine products and services. Welcome to visit us.




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